Let’s Sit Down, Figure This Out

New_2_Let's Sit Down cover
Groundhog Poetry Press (2017)

Let’s Sit Down, Figure This Out, Grant Kittrell’s debut collection of poems, contains multitudes. From furry, whimsical fables of broken logic to personal meditations saddled tightly to failing metaphor, the worlds these poems inhabit, and the poems themselves—despite their tight prose—are falling apart. Humor and sadness are superimposed and sometimes indistinguishable. Calling from this collection is a voice, rarely of resolve, but often of curiosity or desperation, as characters struggle to locate an identity within a constantly shifting cultural, familial and metaphysical landscape. As a whole, this lively collection seeks to answer no questions and offers no conclusions—as a result, Kittrell’s work leaves us instead in a perpetual and humbling state of wonder.

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