History & Mission 


Flock publishes contemporary fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and artwork from national and international authors and artists. The journal seeks out original works that are “accessibly experimental” and “soulful,” pushing the boundaries of literature in gentle but significant ways. We pride ourselves on our issues, which present readers with an eclectic mix of styles and a bold selection of artworks. Our writers, readers, and staff members are participants in a unique and far reaching literary community.

Flock was founded by author, musician, artist, and UNF faculty member Mark Ari, and UNF students in 2002 under the original name Fiction Fix. Its original Editor-in-Chief was Sarah Cotchaleovich, followed by Melissa Milburn, and Thelma Young. In order to make room for its Poetry Fix arm and to also introduce creative nonfiction into the mix, Fiction Fix renamed itself in 2016 to Flock.

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